Welcome to AR-10 For Sale

Here you will find a wealth of information on the powerful and popular AR 10 and LR-308 Lowers, ammo, magazines, rifles and clones.  We have ar10 magazines+for+sale, ar10+magazines and much more for your AR-10.  No matter if you call it an AR10, AR-10 or AR 10, most people have come to call most ar style rifles chambered in .308 as AR-10.

Looking for AR-10 magazines?  How about an AR10 upper?  We will checkout all of those and more.  Even ammo to keep your AR10 fed!  Manufacturers like Armalite, Rock River Arms, DPMS, Lewis Machine and Tool, LaRue and many more offer an AR-10 style .308 AR.  My personal AR that is chambered in .308 is an LMT MRP.  One reason I chose it over some others is it runs the SR25 pattern, so I can use the relatively inexpensive 7.62×51 NATO Pmag 20LR mags.  While they are still roughly 20 bucks per mag, they are still cheaper than many of the AR-10 pattern mags.

Some people like to buy a stripped .308 lower, like a DPMS stripped 308 lower.  Then add a 308 lower parts kit, a stock and upper to build their own custom 308 ar10.  Building your own 308 is really no different than build in your own AR-15, just some parts are specific to the 308 platform.

Some buttstocks are better suited for the heavier recoil of the .308 vs the 5.56, so some mfgs do not recommend use of some stocks on the ar-10s.  I do not know for sure if that is just a marketing gimmick or if their is a real difference in them.  Magpul has many stocks to choose from at affordable prices.  Just double check with the stock you plan on using will work on the 308.

There are also some trigger upgrades that, depending on your application, may be worth a look.  Timney triggers makes a 4 pound AR10 trigger that is a true drop-in trigger group.  These are a single stage trigger, with a very smooth trigger stroke and a nice clean trigger break.